About me

Things about me:

The usual crap

My name is Anna, online username is HIDEN/HIDEN64. I'm 15 years old, born on June 9, 2007. I'm a transgender woman (not transitioned yet) and my pronouns are she/her. My sexuality is pansexual. I live in the southern USA and I fucking hate it here. I have GAD, and I possibly also have ADHD, OCD, and Autism.


I'm interested in computers (both hardware and software), audio and music (specifically rock/metal), video and audio production, humor, software and media archival, retro/vintage stuff, and video games.

Favorite games

Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, Garry's Mod, most Counter Strike games, most DOOM games, all Half-Life games, PC Building Simulator, People Playground, Game Dev Tycoon, Worldbox, Unreal Tornument 99 and 2004, and BeamNG.drive.

Things I do

I'm a programmer for a couple of projects. For example, I'm the maintainer of PubSite, H-Bot, and RandomApp1. I also made the site you're visting right now, obviously :P.

I also sometimes make YouTube videos, although I do want to focus more on that. Mainly tech related with some dabbling into gaming or shitposting. It can be found at the contacts page, which is linked below.

Contact info

Visit the link that's... well... linked for my contact info.