About me

The usual essay

I am HIDEN/Dylan (pronouns are they/he), centrist-libertarian furry that also happens to be a massive technology + history + music nerd. I live in the south-central US (specifically, Arkansas), I'm 16, and am taken by the most amazing person in the world (I love you so much, Halen <3).

I'm also a huge advocate for right-to-repair and the free software movement.

I'm also diagnosed with GAD (and Toruettes as well I think), and I likely also have ADHD, Autism, and OCD.

As a side note, if you (used to) know someone named epictaco/EpicTaco404... that's me!

Direct messages are kinda hard for me due to past issues that I'm not comfortable discussing, so be patient with me.

Also, don't be weird around me, as I'm taken, as I already said :P.


There's a LOT of them.

Technology, rock/metal/and a lot of other music, history (including alternate history), video and audio production, humor, data hoarding archival, the EAS, WebTV/MSN TV, console modding (especially the Wii and Xbox 360), old consoles in general, amateur radio, retro/vintage stuff, and gaming.


Human: English (native), German (somewhat fluent reader, not great at speaking), Spanish (basic), Swedish (basic)

Programming: HTML, CSS, Python, C#, JavaScript, C++, C, PowerShell (sadly), Java, PHP

Favorite games

Team Fortress 2, OneShot, Minecraft, Garry's Mod, Counter-Strike 1.6, most DOOM games, all Half-Life games, PC Building Simulator, People Playground, Game Dev Tycoon, Worldbox, Unreal Tornument 99 and 2004, and BeamNG.drive.

Things I do

I maintain a couple of projects... including the site you're visiting right now, obviously :P.

I also sometimes make YouTube videos. The topics of said videos are rather grab-bag, but mainly it's tech and gaming. It can be found at the social accounts page, which is linked on the sidebar.