Internet woes

You may have noticed some services have been offline for an extended period of time. Due to internal issues relating to my ISP being shitty, I am temporarily using another server (provided by dkay) until that is resolved. This issue should be resolved soon, but hopefully no later than 2023-05-11.


Cablelynx - Giving Comcast a run for it's money

My ISP has been known to me to be shitty for a while. However, it seems they have raised the stakes on the shit scale 5-fold in the last 2-3 months. Uptimes are extremely shitty, it's been up less often than it hasn't, and it's WAYY overpriced for what I'm getting. Personally, I don't think $400 a month for 250mbps down/20mbps up internet that barely works is worth it. But, it's not completely the issue.

Bill bloat

Upon further research, it seems that it's actually the Cable TV we don't use that has been inflating the bill. So one of these actions will be what happens: But yeah. There's your reason why shit's been down over the past week (and will contine to be so for a while, most likely.)

Posted on April 24, 2023


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