Next update

Hi all. I'd like to give some news on the next update for the website and HBot. The new site update will mainly be focused on QOL things, although there are quite a few new features planned as well. For what's already implemented, I have: a login system + a way to do some adminstraion tasks from the site itself (such as adding a blog post and banning someone from the guestbook), integration with, porting the CSS animations to Javascript, as well as general decluttering and QOL stuff. As for HBot, it will likely be a minor update. The auth system has been implemented there as well, but nothing uses it yet, as well as general QOL improvements. I might add new stuff, but generally both updates are both in the stabilization/polish phase right now, and will likely release within the next couple of days - next month. That's all for now.

Posted on June 19, 2023


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