Download Software

Here's a collection of cool software:



Windows Media Player is a media player that's included with Microsoft Windows. It was replaced by Groove Music/Movies & TV in Windows 10, but it was (sort of) revived in Windows 11. Get version 7, 9, 10, or 11.



Winamp is a legendary media player originally created by Nullsoft, and then later sold to AOL in 1999, and then again sold to Radionomy in 2014. Get version 5.6.



Frontpage was a program by Microsoft that made building webistes very easy, with some features from other applications in the Microsoft Office suite. It's not as useful in the current day considering it utlizied IE's own HTML extensions that have obviously been phased out, but it's still fun. Get it here.



Netscape is a discontinued internet suite, and was the main competitor to Internet Explorer in the 1990s and early 2000s. It's market share dropped sharply in the late 1990s due to IE gaining traction, because it was bundled with Windows and, at the time, Mac OS. It was superseded by Mozilla Firefox. Get version 7.2.



RetroZilla is a fork of the old Mozilla internet suite that has been updated with a modern version of the Gecko browser engine, to allow fossils of machines to browse the modern web. Get version 2.2.


Virtual PC

Virtual PC was a hypervisor originally developed by Connectix, but later sold to Microsoft. It was (sort-of) replaced by Hyper-V. Get version 2007.

If you want to run it on Windows 8 or higher, change the setup file's name to something else, do the same thing for the program's executable. If you're running the x86 version of Windows 8 - 10, you don't need to do anything else. However, if you use x64 8/8.1, you also need to replace VMM.sys in your C:\Windows\System32\drivers folder with this updated version. This does not work on the x64 version of Windows 10, only the x86 version. It does not work on Windows 11.

If you want the rollup that adds some extra goodies, such as fullscreen 1080p and fixes to networking, get that here. Replace the files in your installation directory with these.