These sites are ran by my friends. Have a look:

campos's website

Cool dude from Brazil, made a UWP MSNP client, and does other stuff.

deci's website

Least gay Debian user.

dkay's website

nortonland. Also helped with a lot of things relating to this site.

floppydisk's website

diskett men. Never goes to bed. Also a terrible PHP programmer :P.

Forza's world

Comic Sans is the font of all time.

nick99nack's website

Plans to take over the internet. Has an unhealthy obsession with Dell Optiplex 790s, Windows 2000, and Sun Microsystems products.

noone's website

Noone owns it. No seriously, nobody owns it. The website owns itself. Nobody has coded it and nobody is hosting it. Isn't it strange? A strange network... perhaps?

Sashi's website

He redesigns his website like I reinstall Windows.

Toxi's website

He's a donut.

xproot's website

Does a lot of random web stuff. Also a closeted furry.