What is CrossTalk?

CrossTalk is a chat server that aims to implement as many messaging platforms as possible, with a focus on FLOSS/defunct ones, and allow them to (mostly) seamlessly federate with one another. Currently in private alpha.

Currently, IRC, MSNP2 - 18, and YMSG9 - 12 are implemented, with experimental MSNP21 and YMSG8/YMSG13 support.

Support for Matrix, Jabber (XMPP), MySpaceIM (MSIM), and AIM/ICQ (OSCAR) are also planned.

Git repository

At this time, CrossTalk is closed source. Once a public beta/release begins, I will open source it, however.

Supported systems

To clarify, this is for everything server-side. YMMV on client compatibility, although generally, Windows 7 and later work best. XP and Vista work too with workarounds.

Windows 10/2016/2019/2022 Windows 11 macOS Linux

Requires Python 3.8+, pip, and a C/C++ compiler. Linux or Windows 10+ are heavily recommended for security and compatibility reasons.

Languages used

Python, C++, HTML, XML, JavaScript, NSIS