General Services

ScyNET Web

ScyNET Web

This is a collection of web services, by yours truly ;).

The Web portion of ScyNET hosts this website + related web services for it, an ass instance, and a Vaultwarden instance.

ScyNET Chat Relay


This is a Chat linker/relay bot for all ScyNET groups/servers/guilds/whatever you call them. Uses Matterbridge as a base.

Currently, the only services linked together are Discord and IRC, although Telegram and Matrix are also planned.



If you haven't read the projects page for this yet, HBot is a general purpose Discord bot. It's a fork of NetRunner, which is a fork of WinBot.

If you want to invite it to your server, contact me.


ScyNET Git

This is a Gitea instance, and it's where all of my source code is hosted.

If you want to contribute to any of my stuff, go nuts.


ScyNET Paste

This is used as a quick, disposable way of hosting text files, as well as offloading messages that are too long to be sent on Discord for HBot.

It can be found here.