About me

The usual essay

I am HIDEN/Sarah, the usual transfem, centrist-libertarian furry that also happens to be a massive computers + history + metal nerd. I live in the south-central US (I know, it sucks), and I'm 16.

I'm also a huge advocate for right-to-repair and the free software movement.

I'm also diagnosed with GAD (and Toruettes as well I think), and I likely also have ADHD, Autism, and OCD.

As a side note, if you (used to) know someone named epictaco/EpicTaco404... that's me!

I'm taken (ilysm Halen <3), so don't be weird around me please.

Direct messages are kinda hard for me due to past issues that I'm not comfortable discussing, so be patient with me.


There's a LOT of them.

Technology, rock/metal/and a lot of other music, history (including alternate history), video and audio production, humor, data hoarding archival, the EAS, WebTV/MSN TV, console modding (especially the Wii and Xbox 360), old consoles in general, amateur radio, retro/vintage stuff, and gaming.

Favorite games

Team Fortress 2, OneShot, Minecraft, Garry's Mod, most Counter Strike games, most DOOM games, all Half-Life games, PC Building Simulator, People Playground, Game Dev Tycoon, Worldbox, Unreal Tornument 99 and 2004, and BeamNG.drive.

Things I do

I maintain a couple of projects... including the site you're visiting right now, obviously :P.

I also sometimes make YouTube videos. The topics of said videos are rather grab-bag, but mainly it's tech and gaming. It can be found at the social accounts page, which is linked on the sidebar.

Happy holidays!

Some music for the occasion:

NOTE: All songs may not be Christmas-related... whoopsie daisy