About me

The usual essay

I am Anna/HIDEN. You might also (formerly) know me as HIDEN64 or epictaco/EpicTaco404. I'm a 15 year old, pansexual, furry, transgender woman that lives in the hell-hole that is the south-central USA. I'm a libertarian-socialist. I have diagnosed GAD and probably Tourettes; and I also likely have ADHD, OCD, and Autism.


I'm interested in technology, rock/metal music, video and audio production, humor, data archival, retro/vintage stuff, and video games.

Favorite games

Pretty small list, but they are:

Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, Garry's Mod, Fortnite, most Counter Strike games, most DOOM games, all Half-Life games, PC Building Simulator, People Playground, Game Dev Tycoon, Worldbox, Unreal Tornument 99 and 2004, and BeamNG.drive.

Things I do

I'm a programmer for a couple of projects. For example, I'm the maintainer of PubSite, HBot, and RandomApp1. I also made the site you're visting right now, obviously :P.

I also sometimes make YouTube videos. The topics of said videos are rather grab-bag, but mainly it's tech and gaming. It can be found at the social accounts page, which is linked below.


As it's pretty much obilgatory these days, do not interact if:

You're a bigot in any way, and interact with them at all, for any reason, are a pedophile/zoophile and/or support any positive movements towards them, a crypto/NFT bro, are affliated with the GOP (cringe) in any way, or post NSFW content (gore is fine, no porn though)