Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did you make this site, and how is it hosted?

A: I was bored one day, and I wanted my own space on the massive superhighway of the internet, so why not :P.

An ex-friend allowed me to host the site on his now non-existent secondary PC, until I switched hosts to GitHub pages after a month.

A few months after that, I started self-hosting the site, which I did until April 20th, 2023. Now, dkay hosts it.

Q: Why does it look all outdated? Why not use modern design?

A: Personally, I Hate modern web design with a capital H.

Many modern websites look like they were thrown together in Microsoft Paint in 30 seconds, and then turned the resource usage and thrasing up to 11.

Oh, and don't forget the absurd amount of pop-ups, ads, tracking, and data-mining/selling!

The old internet was when sites had personality, and the internet wasn't just yet another corpo money farm. I much prefer this era... despite me being born near the end of it.

So basically, I'm trying to relive the old days, when you could say, do, and find anything you want, and have fun exploring the internet, and without any ads, tracking, or none of that nasty stuff the modern web comes with.

Unlike nowadays where most people are relegated to 3 - 6 sites, most of those harvest your data and sell them for a profit (Looking at you, Facebook/Meta, TikTok, and Google), as well as bombard you with ads and other pop-ups, as well as having addictive algorithms (Twitter, TikTok, among others) and ruining attention spans (TikTok... again).

And they also have a tendancy to promote misinformation, propaganda, et al for clicks and to incite harm, or because they're fucking idiots and genuinely believe that for some reason. Most recently Twitter is an example of this, but there are others (i.e: Truth Social).

Q: Why does this site work like crap on mobile?

A: This site was never designed for mobile, nor do I ever intend for it to be.

This issue has been (unintentionally) mostly resolved with the Cloud Nine update on 2023-03-24, however.

Q: What's your favorite OS?

A: Bedrock Linux if it counts, and Artix.

In terms of Windows, either 2000, NT 4, or 7.

Q: Now what's your least favorite OS?

A: Windows ME, 1.01, 11, and 2.03 in terms of Windows, Manjaro in terms of Linux.

Q: What's your main machine?

A: GIGABYTE AORUS 5 KE4 laptop. i7-12700H, 64GB RAM, RTX 3060M, 1TB SSD, Windows 10 + Linux Mint 21.1. More "in-depth" details can be found here.