Here's all of my social/messaging accuonts:

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My email is Using ProtonMail... obviously :P.

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You can find me on Matrix at This is one of the platforms I use the most.

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You can find my account (on the instance) here.

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On IRC, you can usually find me at NickNet (, no SSL) on #hiden (linked to HIDEN's Shithole), and #winboards on R-Type (, SSL required).

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My Telegram is @hiden64.

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My Discord is HIDEN#3556. You'll see me on here the most.

I own a Discord server as well. If you want to join, it can be found here. icon is a music database. It recommends you music based on what you listen to, as well as show you what your friends are listening to.

My profile can be found here.

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YouTube channel

My YouTube channel can be found here. The content is rather grab-bag; I just upload/stream whatever I feel like uploading. It could be anything :P.

Well... when I do upload, that is, which isn't that often to say the least :P.