These are some of my favorite places on the massive superhighway of the internet. Have a look:

Duck's website

Cool dude. Named after a water bird.

Mine and Duck's website

A website that me and Duck maintain together.

Forza's website

Needs to make Half-Life 3, or a TF2 update.

nick99nack's website

Plans to take over the internet. Has an unhealthy obsession with Dell Optiplex 790s, Windows 2000, and Sun Microsystems stuff.

floppydisk's website

diskett men. Never goes to bed. Also a terrible PHP programmer :P.

Sashi's website

He redesigns his website like I reinstall Windows.

campos's website

Cool dude from Brazil, made a UWP MSNP client, and does other stuff.

dkay's website

nortonland. Also helped with a lot of things relating to this site (Nginx reverse proxy and HTTPS to be specific).

noone's website

Noone owns it. No seriously, nobody owns it. The website owns itself. Nobody has coded it and nobody is hosting it. Isn't it strange? A strange network... perhaps?

xproot's website

Does a lot of random web stuff. Also a closeted furry.

DanielKickface's website

Kicks faces. Also has an unhealthy Windows 2000 obsession as well.

Catfy's website

Average Changed enjoyer.


An abandonware enthusaist's dream. Filled with tons and tons of old/obscure software.

Internet Archive

A massive online library of websites, software, books, audio, video, and more. A data hoarder's wet dream.

A search engine for old Web 1.0 sites. I like to go on ancient website expeditions using this site.


NINA is a revival service for Yahoo! Messenger, with America Online, AOL Instant Messenger, Old-school ICQ, and Quantum-Link coming soon.


Escargot is a revival service for MSN/Windows Live Messenger and related services that was launched in 2017. NINA's sister project. is a website that includes a lot of cool things. Mainly related to 90s/early 2000s technology. It includes a lot of stuff relating to WebTV/MSN TV, MIDI and MOD music, and some tools.